Winter Wardrobe Woes!

The glitzy event circled on my calendar is growing closer….I have 4 weeks to decide what to wear….You heard me…THE IMAGE CONSULTANT IS STUCK!

Why? Because I am human, I have ‘body demons’ that sometimes hit me the same as the next person, and body confidence is a tough thing to maintain….especially when party season hits! 

So what to do? Here are a few tips I remind myself of…if you are having a wobble I hope they help you too…

·            Be kind to yourself – our negative opinions of our bodies are like a monster on our shoulder, which can only grow if we feed it. Ask yourself, would you make that negative comment to someone else? No? Then why do we do it to ourselves? Don’t feed the monster!

·            Get others perspective – Your partner, best friend or Mum…ask them what they love. Your eyes? Lovely skin? Smile? Even if you don’t believe it yourself at first, it can help you be more objective. 

·            Numbers belong in a maths book – The number on your clothes tag or staring at you from the scales are just that….a number…We attach positive or negative reactions to those numbers. If we stop living by numbers, and live by how we feel, our lives will feel less pressured. 

·            Self-care matters – A face mask, a new nail varnish or a massage…the monetary value is irrelevant. We are all worthy of some self-care, and metime. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

·            Dress for yourself – Our lives should not be about slavishly following the seasons trends. They are there to cherry pick the looks that you can relate to, and that will suit your personality, colouring and body shape. So be selective and enjoy creating your look. 

·            Quit the ‘compare and despair’ culture! Comparing ourselves to others who we feel to be ‘better’ in some way erodes our confidence and self-esteem. We are not mind readers either. They may be thinking the exact same thing about us! You are unique and so are they, and we are all as valuable as each other. 

·            Live in the now! ‘I’ll do it when I lose weight’ ‘I’ll go there when I can wear a swimsuit’ Why do we put our lives on hold until certain goals are met instead of living in the now? Ask yourself what is really stopping you, and how would you feel if you ‘did it now?!’ 

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Wishing you all a happy and fun festive season. 


The Image Angel x