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Coming soon…

We will be offering online and in person Body Confidence coaching sessions from our base in Warwickshire shortly. 

Statistics state that over 90% of women have negative thoughts about their bodies which significantly impact their lives – from avoiding photos and social gatherings to not playing with their children, not engaging in sports or wearing the clothes that they want to wear. 

Society and media have taught us to dislike our bodies, and to spend our time, money and energy chasing an ‘ideal’ that they have created. They then devise the products and services to ‘fix’ the ‘flaws’ and sell them to us – from diet culture to extreme exercise regimes…by playing on our insecurities they ensure that we will never feel good enough as we are. The result often leaves women feeling even more dissatisfied and disconnected from their bodies than ever. 

This has to stop. We deserve better. Noone should be made to feel bad for simply existing in a body that society and the media has decided does not meet their narrow standards of beauty or acceptance. 

My mission is to work with women to identify their beliefs around their body which has stemmed from social conditioning, challenge these beliefs and change them for a new, forward thinking narrative. I will provide a safe, non-judgemental space for women to explore their relationship with their bodies, while utilising tools to form a new perspective of themselves, and ultimately create an acceptance of and appreication for their bodies. 

For further details please contact me on and follow our social media links for updates. 

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