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Most of us sadly have aspects of our bodies that we are not happy with. These exist for a number of reasons – a throwaway comment from an ex, a wardrobe malfunction at a party, or a ‘friendly’ jibe from a colleague.

However, these can develop in to sustained beliefs that dictate our lives. We can refuse to attend social functions, not get dressed in front of our partners, or wear oversized clothes for fear that our body shape will be seen.

While it is perfectly normal to have these feelings, we should not let them slowly take over, and become out of proportion and often out of control.

We can help you to put these negative thoughts into perspective and learn how to challenge them for what they are – thoughts not facts! 

Within a Body Shape and Style session we cover a number of aspects as follows:

Scale – Your overall scale as small, medium or large and how to select sizes of prints and accessories to best reflect this. 

Proportion – Whether you have a longer body or legs and how to choose items to balance you out as well as work with your proportions.

Body Shape – 3 types Straight, Semi-straight and Shaped.

Face Shape – Angular, Combination or Curved. This also dictates the most flattering hairstyles, spectacles shapes, necklines and accessories (prints and sizes of jewellery).

Details – pockets, darting, belts, buttons.

Personality – It is important to determine what influences you when selecting clothes. I help you to recognise your ‘Wardrobe Personality’ and how this influences your choices and overall style.

When combined with a Colour consultation, this allows the client to see the ‘full effect’ of selecting and wearing their most flattering colours and styles.

The result is discovering new flattering colours, recognising your true body shape, and putting any negative thoughts or feelings in to perspective, and achieving a look that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle.

Remember – all body shapes and sizes are beautiful!