The Image Angel offer a Cosmetic Consultation which provides the ‘icing on the cake’ to our Colour and Body Shape and Style sessions.

A Cosmetic consultation allows you to learn how to translate your colouring when selecting cosmetics. Our range is hypoallergenic and benefits from excellent quality at reasonable prices.

The range is split in to ‘Cool’, ‘Warm’, and ‘Mid range’ colours and based on the result of your prior Colour consultation, I will select the colours that are most flattering for you.

I will then use my colour drapes to show you how the cosmetics once applied further lift your colouring and enhance your features.

Many ladies do not wear make-up because they believe that it is a lengthy process to apply, do not see the benefits for them in wearing it, or simply do not know where to start.

We are not taught how to wear make-up as a ‘life skill’, and most commonly we learn by trial and error, from magazines and experimenting with our friends.

During the consultation, I work with you to enhance your features and teach you how to apply a basic daytime make-up that is quick and easy.

The products are available for purchase via your Consultant.